Self Defense Products – Buy Mace Pepper Spray Online


When it comes to choosing self defense products there are so many choices that it can be very confusing. Products like stun guns and pepper sprays offer literally thousands of choices from hundreds of manufacturers.

Self defense products are a nonlethal alternative to deadly force offered by handguns. They do that by incapacitating an assailant for anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes depending on the product.

A pepper spray uses a derivative of cayenne pepper called oleoresin capsicum that creates extreme pain, coughing and choking, shortness of breath and tearing in the eyes so bad that it may shut them. The assailant is pretty much helpless for a half-hour or more. Pepper spray is pretty bad stuff.

You want to be sure you pick a quality product that has a good reputation. Mace brand has been around since 1987. When they were created their goal was create the best defense spray and the most effective and safest on the market and make it available to everybody.

Did you know that they test each unit before it is packaged? Did you know that each spray is hand assembled following a step-by-step program for inspection that assures quality and workmanship? Did you know that they immerse each unit at 130 degree water for five minutes to detect leaking? Not sure anybody else goes to that trouble. Maybe that’s why Mace has such a quality image associated with it.

Their pepper gun is one of the best selling non lethal products anywhere.

When you go to use Mace brand you can be assured that it will work. But where do you get it? There are very few stores in the country that carry it. You get it online. Google ‘self defense products’ or ‘mace pepper gun’ to find the best selection close to 25 in all.

When are you getting some?