Save Money With Keratin Hair Straightening At Home


Keratin hair straightening at home can be beneficial to those who need to save money, yet want a keratin treatment to help their hair.

Since these treatments run on the expensive side, this article will tell you where you can get the keratin products at good prices, as well as how these treatments can work.

Unlike other hair straightening processes, keratin works on restructuring the hair shaft; getting rid of frizz and damage.

Keratin is a natural protein found in our hair, nails, skin, and teeth. This protein is what helps keep these areas of our body strong. As we get older, this protein lessens which can leave us with brittle teeth, unhealthy skin, brittle nails, and dry, lifeless hair. A Keratin treatment for your hair can replenish the protein and make your hair look bright and healthy again. These treatments are effective for all hair types including chemically treated hair.

The Keratin Process

The process of having a keratin treatment is pretty simple. So simple in fact that it can be done at home. Doing your own treatment can save you money, since these products are expensive to begin with. Having the treatment done in a salon will wind up costing you even more money for the service fees alone.

Before applying any kind of keratin treatment on your hair, you should first wash it with a special sodium free shampoo. Sodium free shampoo cleans your hair better since it does not contain artificial ingredients and perfumes.

The hair is then dried and divided into several sections.

The keratin therapy solution is then applied to each section very thoroughly.

It is best to work with one section at a time. After applying the keratin solution, each section is then straightened with a flat iron several times. This enables the solution to become locked into the hair cuticle.

After the process is completed, the hair is then washed after 72 hours. At this point it is VERY important to use a sodium free shampoo and conditioner. Coppola Keratin shampoo and conditioning products work best for this.

After one of these treatments, the hair becomes healthier, smoother, more manageable, and shinier than before. Curly hair will become lusciously straight for up to 5 months without frizz and dryness. However, the internal structure of the hair cuticle does not undergo any kind of change during the treatment.

Where can I   buy   products  for keratin hair straightening at home at a good price?

Keratin products do run on the expensive side. However, there are some places online that do offer them at some pretty decent prices, you just need to know where to look.

 Buying   products   online  definitely can cost you less than purchasing them through retail. In most cases, online distributors carry more in stock than retail stores and therefore are able to sell products at lower prices.

After looking for keratin  products   online , I have found Amazon to offer the best deals. Amazon is a reputable online store that offers an excellent shopping experience. Not only does Amazon make online shopping efficient and easy, they also provide same day shipping so you can get your products rather quickly.

Amazon offers a large variety of keratin products with the best prices.