How to Make Money Selling Information Products Online


Lately on the internet, there’s been a really big push all about making money selling information  products   online . And hey, I can’t say I don’t agree with the principle. I’ve been selling information for almost 4 years now, and it definitely has a LOT of benefits. In this article, I’m going to show you exactly how to make money selling information  products   online .

Because the truth is, it’s not rocket science. And anyone REALLY can do it if they have a few easy steps to follow. Here are those steps. Copy, Profit, Repeat.

Getting Started With Information Product Creation

The first step is finding and/or creating an information product to sell. To be honest this is the easiest part. They usually come in one of these formats:

1) Ebook, PDF, anything written.

2) Audio/Video/Multimedia. Anything you listen/watch.

3) Software/Entertainment. This includes tools, and even Hollywood movies.

You probably never thought about it but music, film, tv…all that is really just information. You are paying for what’s on the CD…not the CD itself. In reality, a CD cost about 3 cents. But put an artist we like on it and we’ll gladly pay $15 for it. (Or at least buy it on iTunes).

So, step one to make money selling information  products   online  is to create your  product . You can do this by first finding a potential niche to target to. This is a secret most people miss out on. Before you can create a product, you MUST know who you are going to sell it to. This is especially true with information products.

You must find a target market, I call it a “starving crowd”. This is a group of people ready and willing to  buy  your  product . Where do you find them? Look for forums and groups on yahoo. Google search your “idea forum”. So if you were trying to produce information products about dog training, look in dog training forums.

Find out what they are buying and make something like it. If you don’t know, then find an expert. Interview them. Record it. Transcribe the interview. Now you have an eBook AND an audio to sell online.

That’s truly how easy it is. But now what? So Now You Have Information Products To Sell, your next step is to setup a system that sells the information product for you. If you don’t have this, then you don’t have anything to sell. In essence you need to create an online marketing system. This all starts with a website. And it can’t be just any old website. You have to make sure it’s setup for success. You should have a great story that goes along with your product.

This is done through what is called copywriting. Copywriting just means writing sales material to sell your product. This is one of the most overlooked details when it comes to making money selling information products. I highly recommend you check out copywriting programs as soon as you can.

What Are The Best Information Products?

It’s not always easy to decide what the best information products are. This is because you can’t really compare them. The truth is that it all comes down to the quality you put into each product. You can make a lot of money  online  selling information  products  because there is very little hard cost.

Think about it. If you sell TV sets, there’s a hard cost there. You have to buy the TV’s, store them, then sell them. You (hopefully) make enough money back to pay for everything. With this type of business, you have no real expense beyond creating the product one time. (Th eBook or audio/video, etc.)

Once you have this, every sale is basically 100% your money to keep. And the more you sell, the more you will profit. This is especially true if you are selling online as a download. There’s no cost to print your product, make a CD, or ship it. It’s all done instantly online.

Your only expenses are the original creation of the product, hosting it on the web, and the cost of getting traffic to your site. As long as your expenses are less than your income, you are doing great. And this applies to the marketing of information products and services as well. That’s why I recommend both of these business models to so many people.