Consumer Tips – How to Buy a TV Online


Buying online is now common, but people are naturally careful when buying appliances like TVs, gaming consoles or computers. The obvious need is to check out quality, make comparisons on prices and features, and get the best deals available. The usual preference when buying a TV is to go looking first for benchmark brands like a Samsung LCD TV as a comparison with other models.

Buying TVs online basics

Buying online is actually a lot more efficient than buying in person. The entire transaction is laid out prior to sale, and all terms and conditions are spelled out.

These are the fundamental elements of an online purchase:

  • Product description: This is a full statement of the TV’s features, very useful for buyers to check out the TV’s capabilities.
  • Warranty terms: The warranty documentation is constructed with full disclosure of warranty terms, options, and conditions of service. This is actually the way these things are supposed to be presented to consumers under Australian law.
  • Delivery charges and service information: These charges must be disclosed a point of sale, and the information regarding delivery is also very useful to help you track your order.
  • Payment options: Credit cards, bank deposits, PayPal, and similar payment options are presented.
  • Payment terms: Most online sellers have a condition of sale that the payment is approved prior to shipment. This is standard, and you should consider the payment options and usual rate of approval of credit providers, banks, etc.
  • Money back guarantees: These must be specified, and are discretionary on the part of the seller, unless the product is defective, in which case consumer laws apply.

As you can see, these things are all pretty straightforward. You get more information online about your purchase than you usually do in a shop, buying in person. It’s always a good idea to check out products online, however you choose to buy them.

Choosing your TV, and getting answers to questions

One of the big advantages of buying a TV like a current LCD TV online is that you can take the time to define what information you need. This isn’t “impulse buying”. You can also get help when you need it.

When choosing your TV, consider:

  • DVD player built in, or standard AV setup?
  • USB PC hookup available?
  • Wireless PC hookup available?
  • Any special requirements?
  • Home theatre options?
  • Extra deals, like free gaming console, etc?
  • Discounts or specials available?

You can get some surprisingly good deals if you look around. In some cases you can get better deals just by ringing the supplier and checking out your options. This is an extremely efficient, effective form of shopping, and it allows you to consider choices and possibilities in depth, not just at point of sale. You don’t even have to spend time traveling and hunting through the showrooms. You also get backup and support for your purchase and warranty. This is invaluable, and very convenient. Buying online is definitely the better option.