Buying Organic – Pro’s and Con’s of Buying Locally Verses Buying Online


There is a lot of debate about the issue of buying organic products from the local organic store or supermarket compared to buying them online or through local delivery systems and networks. We all want to reduce our carbon footprint but what is the most environmentally sustainable method of delivery?

When buying fresh organic products the debate goes a little deeper because the further fresh produce has to travel, the more likely it can become contaminated and its freshness slowly declines. Processed organic products are also a subject of concern. Organic products are often manufactured to order or supplies are made based on predetermined order schedules. Organic products often have a lower shelf life due to reduced or no preservatives. This also depends on there manufacturing process.

What’s wrong with organic products bought in Supermarkets?

Well, there is nothing specifically wrong with them. Organic is Organic whichever way you look at it but there are some challenges with its supply and the carbon footprint larger stores can cause.

  • Manu
    factured organic products are ideally made no more than a month in advance to retain freshness and increase shelf life. Organic products bought in Supermarkets are likely to have some form of shelf life extender (preservative) added.
  • Supermarkets hold fresh food products in warehouses for considerably long periods of time. Fresh food we find in the supermarket could have been there for months or more. Fruit is often picked immature or green and stored until needed, when it needs to be ripened the storage bay is filled with ethylene gas to force ripen the fruit.
  • Supermarkets and smaller shops use a considerable amount of power to operate. Lights are often kept on in large stores at night to assist with security by deterring would be intruders. That’s a lot of power being used.

So what are the best options?

Fresh food should be ideally bought from local organic growers and suppliers. Less transport is always better for fresh food products. Local Farmers Markets are a good option as you can often speak directly with the grower about the organic methods they used to grow the products. I wouldn’t recommend buying fresh food from a Supermarket unless there is no alternative option.

Manufactured organic products such as dried fruit and nuts, olive oil, soymilk, oat milk, cereals, health bars etc, would be ideally purchased from the manufacturer and delivered to your home. However, there would be no reason not to purchase these products from the local supermarket.

Organic skin care and cosmetic products are ideally bought directly from the manufacturer or supply channel and delivered to your home. These products are usually made fresh sometimes to order and delivered direct to the store OR consumer. There is a shelf life date on many of these products that gives them up to a couple of years but buying from the supermarket they could already be 6 months into the Use-by date. Most organic products have a “Use within “x” months of opening” label, the x usually represents 6 months.


‘Best Bargains on the Net’ – Cheap Retail


Shopping on the Web has become easier to do over the past years. As more online stores open up every week, competition gets fierce. This causes merchants to resort to more competitive pricing. Whatever product you are looking for, there is usually hundreds to thousands of options of where to buy online. The great number of shoppers online has also spurred something called shopping directories, which let you search through different stores to find the product you need without having to visit multiple stores. While shopping online, you can also read multiple unbiased reviews from multiple consumers who have bought and used the products.

Convienence and Availability

Every week, a bunch of new online stores open. This makes shopping online easier than ever. The Internet has become a virtually endless resource for shoppers to find exactly what they need conveniently in the comfort of their own homes. More and more shoppers are deciding to buy online as opposed to going to the store. Many find this more convienent than having to drive to a store. It is also easier to browse different products between online stores for the best prices. Finding the product you’re looking for requires almost no effort. Sometimes the product finds you, through advertisements.

Cheaper Prices

Every week, fierce competitors lower prices on products, or resort to other tactics like promoting and marketing, and a wide range of other strategies to keep customers coming to their store. This makes it better for you, the shopper. Shoppers are also more likely to find better deals at online stores because they do not have to worry about having a physical shop and all the costs that come with it. This helps give online stores the ability to offer better prices yet still keep a reasonable profit margin.

Shopping Directories make Online Shopping even more Efficient

Shopping directories have become a popular resource, as they let shoppers browse through multiple store products all from one site. This cuts down on even more time spent shopping through various stores by letting shoppers 1) search through multiple stores for an item and 2) search for multiple types of items from multiple stores. This makes online shopping much more efficient whether you are looking for only 1 type of item or multiple items from different categories. This is an advantage to the shoppers and online stores because it centralizes the process of shopping to make it easier for shoppers to find sellers that meet their needs, as well as helps sellers reach buyers outside of their site.

Find out more about a product before you decide to buy

There is just a massive resource of reviews for all types of products online. You can read multiple reviews from other consumers who have bought a product to help aide you in deciding which product, brand, and/or variation of the product you wish to buy. Some online stores even give shoppers the ability to write reviews about a product after they have bought it to help inform future shoppers. This can help immensely when trying to choose the perfect product to fit your needs, as you see what other people have to say about their experiences with a product, as well as quality and value.

Online Shopping has been a growing trend for years

Over the past years, internet shopping has been growing at an incredible rate. We always hear about how much Internet Retail sales figures are multiplying every year. That is because online shopping has so many advantages and great deals that more and more people realize it and opt to buy certain products online where they see fit. With more online stores opening every week, more shopppers deciding to make purchases online, the competitive pricing between online stores, and vast resources to help people better shop like Shopping Directories and product reviews, its no wonder more and more people are making more purchases online.


How to Buy and Sell Online


Starting as an information exchange between scientist and engineers, the Internet gradually became the world’s marketplace. It is like a giant mall that sells everything from ant farms to Zodiac charts. Internet marketing can be very profitable to those who know the ropes. It can be a big disappointment to those who don’t.

Many storefront businesses realized that they could sell on the Internet. Others started without a storefront business. Now this mix of merchants has the world as its marketplace. Some giants sell a mix of products such as those sold by Target or Wal-Mart. Others sell in a niche market of like thinkers.

You can see this in the mall as you walk the aisles. You see JCPenny, Sears, Macy’s, etc. But you also see small kiosk selling sun glasses, cell phone cases. And there are the specialty stores that sell only cheese or flowers or candy or books or art, etc.

I have some friends who sell only doll clothes. They greatly expanded their market by going on the Internet, at first not realizing the potential for extra sells. There are many success stories like that.

What to Sell Online

I have a friend who lives on a farm here in Idaho who sells lotions, and such, which she makes from the lavender she grows there. She makes a six-figure income marketing her products locally and on the Internet, her Internet sells surpassing her local sells. If you create your own products, you can cut out, or at least reduce, the competition.

Some folks find local products that they do not create but that they are allowed to sell exclusively online. Say an apiary operator allows you to sell his honey online. Honey is not a commodity in the sense it is different according to where the bees collect the honey. Some people take honey for allergy prevention. They want local honey where the bees coat their little bellies with pollen distinctive to the area. Also, honeys have characteristic and distinct flavors. Folks don’t want just any old honey. There can be a niche market.

For a number of years I have been selling flagpoles on the Internet. I am a dealer for a manufacturer. I have the flagpoles on one of my websites where I take the orders from the customer and the manufacturer ships the order directly to the customer. This is called drop-shipping. There are many middlemen and scams in this business so you must beware.

I suggest that anyone going into this business deal directly with the manufacturer with a clear understanding of what is expected from each party.

Some people sell digital products online. ClickBank is a main affiliate network for such products, but other products are sold by affiliates too. Digital products have a good profit margin and the product is usually downloaded immediately after purchase. You can sell the digital products you create from your web site using PayPal or through affiliates on ClickBank. Merchandise sold through large affiliate networks often have a low profit margin but the vendor handles all the details.

If at all possible, sell products over which you have some control.

Can you create your own product?

Fly Old Glory!


Do You Have a Product Launch Strategy?


So you’re ready to launch your new product. After all, the Internet makes it easy for anyone to compete in a global market.

But remember that while the Internet makes it easy for you to compete, it makes it as easy for millions of other businesses probably offering the same products and services as you are.

Do you have a product launch strategy that will capture the attention of your target audience?

Consider what they buy, how they buy, why they buy, and where they buy when launching a new product.

What they buy 

People buy products.

Although this sounds like a no-brainer, the nature of the Internet coupled with technological innovation has caused a drastic change in what it means to “buy a product”.

While before, “shopping” was as simple as going into a store and buying groceries, the Internet has provided consumers with a global catalogue of goods, services, and information. And while a “sales transaction” once consisted of exchanging goods and services for cash, today, a transaction can be as simple as clicking on a link or subscribing to a mailing list.

If you’re selling or marketing your goods, services or information online and your potential customers are not looking online, your business may be in trouble. For this reason, it has become increasingly important to understand what your product is, how they would buy it, why they would buy it and, probably most importantly, where they would buy it.

How they buy

There is a general procedure that a consumer follows when making purchasing decisions.

First, they identify a need then they conduct an information search. What is very interesting is that consumers first search their memory banks for information before they turn to external sources of information. If they find what they need to know internally, it’s very unlikely that they would seek further information.

The implication here is that if your competitor has already implanted the benefits of their products or services in the minds of your target market, they’d probably not look for your products or services on the Internet. This may mean that some offline tactics should support your online marketing attempts.

Why they buy

There are multitudes of psychological, personal and social factors that influence why consumers buy, which makes it difficult to predict the success of your online marketing and sales efforts.

Psychological factors include motivation, perception, learning and attitudes that determine buying decisions. Personal factors personality, self-concept, lifestyle, and social factors include family influences, reference groups, social class and culture. When you are planning your online sales and marketing strategy, it could be very useful to assign particular psychological, personal, and social profiles to potential customer groups. This takes some of the mystery out of the nameless, faceless entity at the other end of your website thus making it easier for you to preempt and satisfy their online needs.

Where they buy

Customers shop rather erratically depending on what, why and how they buy. They could prefer to either:

  • Search online and purchase offline
  • Search offline and purchase online
  • Search and purchase online
  • Search and purchase offline

Possible places to purchase offline include:

  • A retail store
  • A consumer’s home, possibly though direct sales channels, mail orders, or telesales
  • A consumer’s workplace, very much in the same manner as at home
  • A parasite point of consumption (e.g. newspaper stand at a restaurant)

When you plan your product launch strategy, you should refer to what, how and why your particular target market would buy. Then you should consider if they may prefer to use any of the offline means instead of or in conjunction with the Internet. This should help you create a targeted, effective business model geared at satisfying your customers’ needs while generating a return on your investment.


Buy Weight Loss Online


Lose Pounds By  Buying  Weight Loss  Online 

If you are someone who is trying to lose some weight then taking the option to  buy  weight loss  online  is one of the best routes to take. By getting your pound loss needs online you will be able to start getting healthy a lot quicker than doing so offline. That is, if you go about getting a pound loss  product   online  properly.

You see, getting a  product   online  for losing pounds is a very reliable method for getting healthier and getting slim but you need to know what to look for in a product before going ahead and making that purchase. Keep on reading to find out what exactly you need to be looking for when  buying  weight loss  online . Your health and hard earned money could be at stake…

Beware Of These…

Before you can make a well informed decision as far as picking the right pound loss purchase online you need to know which types of products to stay away from. If you are familiar with which types of products aren’t reliable or worth your money then you will be much better off in the long run.

So, what kinds of things should you be on the look out for when trying to  buy  weight loss  online ? First of all, you want to stay as far away as you can from fad diets. And dieting method that claims to allow you to lose some weight without having to exert any effort and through ridiculous means is most likely a fad diet. These types of diets come and go all of the time. And they are only intended to do one thing and one thing only. Make money. You will not get any useful information out of any fad diets that will help you lose pounds healthily. In addition to stay away from fad diets, you should also be staying away from diets such as low carb, low fat, or any other type of dieting method that deprives your body of important nutrients. While these types of diets may help you lose weight in the short term they can really damage your body in the long run.

Another type of product that you will want to stay far away from when trying to  buy  weight loss  online  are shady diet pills. The majority of dieting pills that you see advertised on the internet are not FDA approved, are not effective, and are downright scams. Yes, there are a few legitimate diet pill makers out there but for the most part this type of product bad news.

Lastly, you will want to stay away from products or systems that offer you a way of losing pounds fast that is unrealistically optimistic. What exactly do I mean by this? Basically, you’ll want to stay away from pound loss guides or systems that claim to allow you to lose large sums of weight in a very short period of time. For example, if a product’s sales page says, “Lose 20 Pounds In Just A Weeks Time With This Revolutionary New System For Losing Weight Fast!”, a light bulb should be going off in your head. First of all, this type of claim is just plain old marketing hype. If the product relies on outlandish claims in order to make a sale then you can be sure it isn’t worth your time. And secondly, if a pound loss guide or system honestly allowed you to lose this type of weight in such a short period of time it would be incredibly unhealthy.

Ok, so now that you know what types of products you shouldn’t be purchasing when attempting to  buy  weight loss  online  let’s take a look at the types of products that you should be  buying   online . You do want to lose weight fast in a healthy manner, right?

How To  Buy  Weight Loss  Online  The Right Way…

If you’ve made it this far then you are most definitely serious about losing those pounds quickly and healthily. And for this, I congratulate you. However, that is all the praise I have for you now because we must continue on with what is really important here. How to buy weight loss on the internet the right way. Are you ready to finally lose those pounds fast in a healthy manner? Alright then, let’s get down to business.

If you are genuinely serious about losing weight through  buying  pound loss  online  then you need to look for a genuine product. It is as simple as that. You need a guide or system to losing weight that offers tried and proven information. Successfully losing pounds does not take a miracle, it does not take diet pills. And it does not take, and it does not take the latest and greatest fad diets. If you really want to lose those pounds in a healthy manner then you need a product that offers you everything needed for successful pound loss.

This means that if you are going to  buy  weight loss  online  you need to make sure you will be getting information regarding how to prepare yourself for the process behind losing weight, how to diet the right way, how to stay motivated when losing a lot of weight, how to exercise easily and get the most out of it, and how to boost your pound loss results naturally. Guess what though? Even that kind of information isn’t enough to help you succeed at losing fat quickly and naturally. You need a product that offers that type of information and then some.


Buy Stuff Online at Amazing Prices


Online purchasing has seen a massive growth in the last few years. It has taken the retail industry by storm. No wonder, online shopping has caught the fancy of many shopaholics. Shoppers today prefer to  buy  stuff  online  because it is convenient. There is no need to visit a retail store for shopping. They can buy items from the comfort of the home. Moreover, the rates are competitive and many companies offer good discounts. Shoppers get to shop for items at amazing prices online. The merchants offer cracking deals since they do not have to spend money on commission for the retailers, wholesalers and distributors. This saving is passed to the customers making this concept is a win-win situation for both buyers and sellers.

Internet shopping or online shopping offers one more advantage. Customers can get a variety of stuff under one roof. This means that, you can shop for several brands online and compare their rates instantly. Moreover, you can get all types of items online. Name it and you will find it at these online stores. Whether you are looking for computer stuff or home products, you can find everything on the web.

Advantages Of Online Shopping

Variety: You are spoilt for choice for  products  and services  online . Moreover, it is easy to search for the required product or services since you can narrow down the search criteria or type relevant keywords in the search engine.  Buying  stuff  online  is free of hassles as compared to physical shopping.

Credit: You get more time to pay since online shopping sites usually accept credit card payments. In other words, you need not pay instantly. Another advantage of using credit cards is that it allows you to convert your purchases into equal monthly installments without any additional charges. This reduces the financial burden further.

Price: Whether it is book stuff, home stuff or anything else, you can get competitive prices. In fact,  buying   online  can help you save a lot of money. Many companies offer online discounts and coupons, as well. They adopt several promotional strategies to boost internet sales.

Free Shipping: Most of the online stores will not charge any handling and shipping charges. This means that the product is delivered at your doorstep without any hassle.

Free Stuff: Internet marketing is an ongoing process. Many companies offer free items on your purchases. This could be a part of their promotional campaigns. However, freebies may not be offered all the time.

Online shopping is estimated to grow drastically. It will be the preferred mode of shopping and you can expect good deals on purchases made through this World Wide Web. Moreover, it allows you to purchase items from different corners of the world.


Chose Beauty Care Products Online


Beauty is an inseparable thing for men or women, though women seem to be on the prominent side and are believed to indulge more than men, but now you see the men too are more and more interested in grooming up and stay looking good for ever. There are many beauty care products to choose from. With the introduction of various products everyday in the market, it becomes quite perplexing for the consumers while choosing the right products for their use.

However there is one vital thing that should be considered while opting for beauty products and this is to look into the texture and appearance and if they suit you or not. This is the very difficult aspect of the beauty products to check the adaptability by our skin. Go for products that are of renowned brands because they are used often by consumers and are effective too. The beauty care products have many chemicals and cosmetics that may harm the skin and produce allergies.

Even the health care products are on the rise now. With the growing pressure in our daily lives and the dwindling standards of lifestyles, the unearthly hours of eating and sleeping are taking its toll on our lives. Reports show that the health and the beauty products industry are a high growth sector and really do lots of products. There are products for various parts like the dental products, hair products, skin products or the beauty products.

You can opt for the natural products for beauty too if you want it the natural way. The natural or herbal products cure the problems naturally and without any chemicals. Especially for the sensitive skins natural is the best. Knowing the skin types is the key to solve all your skin problems. Many of us are not sure of our skin types and thus get all mixed up an end up with all the wrong products. Our skin is categorized in many types.

Make sure you know the skin type before applying any application on the skin. As compared to females, the male skin is 20 % thicker and tougher than the female and is more oilier and largely exposed pores with richer blood supply and hence they need different treatment than the females.

 Buy  health care  products  with care and that which suits you. These products help you to regain your lost beauty due to various reasons.


What is the Best Teeth Whitening Product? – Teeth Whitening Products Online


Generally speaking there are three types of teeth whitening products that anyone can  buy  inexpensively  online . Nowadays consumers have become more intelligent than ever before, and none more so can this be applied to the industry of tooth whitening, as more and more people are leaving their local dental practises in favour of DIY home whitening kits.

Strips: Teeth strips like those marketed by Crest have been around for a long time. These mass produced plastic strips contain a whitening liquid and a light adhesive. Whilst there have been mutterings of of enamel erosion and gum sensitivity associated with this product, over 90% of all buyers experience success. They usually retail at around $35.

Teeth Trays: Shaped like a mouth-guard, they contain a whitening liquid which you wear for two hours daily. While this is an inconvenience it can be easily managed at night-time. Results are generally positive and I have seen that the only quibble people have is the length of time it takes to get results.

It is important to point out at this point that hydrogen peroxide, a cheap solution that can be found at most drug stores is extremely dangerous, and will destroy irreparably your enamel, creating a blue tinge to accompany it. Many people have tried this route and are now consequently suffering, having no choice but to fork out big buck to their dentist for enamel addition procedures

Swabs: Cotton Swabs that utilize the use of a whitening liquid and powder are currently is best product for whitening teeth. Since ’08 over 1 million of these kits have been sold by online companies with only 0.5% returns of goods. Their big advantage is that they only take 3 minutes to apply and once whiteness has been achieved, usually after two weeks, they can be discarded, whilst the whiteness remains.


How to Buy a TV Online


So, you’ve mastered the art of buying the occasional CD or cosmetics product online, and you may have even ventured into the realm of clothing and accessories. Now it’s time to really test your shopping-savvy and try some larger home appliances and electronics. If you’re nervous about a washing machine or other white goods, a television is a great place to start and with a range of options available online you’ll be spoilt for choice! There are a few pieces of advice to keep in mind when shopping online for a TV, so here are a few to get you started!

Take Advantage of the Range Available

We’ve all had the experience of going into a store that has only a few models and a clear bias towards one brand or another. No matter what you need, the sales clerk insists that his favoured brand makes the best version, and coincidentally, this brand is often the one who offers him the largest sales commission. Online you will find a far larger range of products to compare, which means that not only will you be able to find one that suits your needs, it completely negates the need for the annoying salesperson who insists he can ‘do you a deal’.

Take Your Time

The Internet is like a store that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so take advantage of this and take your time when making your selection. In our increasingly busy lives we’re so time poor that when we set aside a shopping day and feel pressure to find something that day so as not to lose anymore precious hours! The Internet allows you to come back to your task whenever you’ve got a spare minute, in the comfort of your own home and schedule. This is something you should take advantage of and use in order to find yourself the best deals.

Be Internationally Aware…

With the Aussie dollar doing so well at the moment there are some great deals to be had on foreign sites, and it’s possible to nab electronics at half the price! Beware though–different countries not only have different outlets and therefore different power plugs, but some have a different voltage to us which means that electronics can’t be run without a transformer. Do your research and talk to an electrician or someone with a bit of knowledge about the power outlet requirements–you don’t want a TV that can’t even plug into the wall without emitting sparks! Another thing to be aware of when buying internationally is shipping costs–you don’t want to find out that the money you saved on the product itself is completely outweighed by the cost of shipping it over here! Also, exchange rates can change daily, so keep an eye on them right before your purchase in case of any unforeseen changes which could affect the cost of you TV.

While it may seem daunting to buy something as big as a TV online, it doesn’t have to be–in fact soon you’ll be so comfortable buying things online that you won’t even consider another way to do it next time your refrigerator is on the blink!


Precautions Before Buying a Coach Purse Online


Society tends to move forward and along with society comes the purchasing of consumer goods. An item that has recently stood at the top of sales on leading auction sites is Coach Purses. Coach is a superior brand offering high quality products generally at expensive prices. With the increase in purchases of course there is an increase in the number of stores and nearly all major cities across the United States either has a coach outlet store nearby or a major retailer like Macy’s which sells Coach products.

Now a problem arises when a store is not available locally, people who are not in major cities tend to  buy   products   online . Along with making any purchases online, another major problem that arises with buying Coach Purses is the problem of authenticity. There are many people who purchase fake Coach Purses and try to pass them off as authentic second hand purses at a discounted price. When a person is looking to purchase a Coach bag they should try to take all precautions to ensure that the product is deal.

One can never be sure if the product is real unless it is taken to a Coach store and even then sometimes the employees have problems. Furthermore, the primary way that these fake purses are sold is through auctions where the seller puts a picture of a receipt next to the purse. But, there are many sites available online that offer receipts that have been gathered from the internet for people to download and use when they are selling their own products.

In conclusion make sure to see who you are buying your purse from. If it is an auction make sure that the person has a lot of positive feedback. If you see a seller has 1000 feedback as opposed to a seller with only 30, buy it from the person with 1000 even if it costs a little bit more because then you can at least be confident that your purse is real.